Services | Repairs, Modifications and Customizations

With over 10 years experience and a full 'custom shop' worth of equipment, we're uniquely qualified for any level of repair or modification. 

From a simple setup to neck resets to handmade replacement parts, we offer everything it takes to get your guitar playing it's best. 

Below is a short list of some of the more common services we offer. For a more in depth look at what we do, checkout the Recent Projects page and feel free to contact us with any of question.




Guitar and Bass - $15
12-String, Classical, Banjo and Mandolin - $25

Services Included: Changing and tuning new strings, clean and polish, oil fretboard, basic fret polish
Electric Guitar Setup  $60
Services Included: Restring, adjust neck relief, set string height, set intonation, cleaning/polish, clean electronic (where applicable)
12-string Setup  $75
Electric w/ Floating Trem Setup  $75
Setup w/ Replacement Nut (Bone)

 Bass and 6 string - $110

12-string and ERG - $135

Fret Dress w/ Setup  $175
Services Included: Setup, fret level, crown and polish
Re-fret w/ Setup $275 - $400*
Services Included: Setup, removal of old frets, resurface fretboard, install new frets and fret dress
Acoustic Bridge Reset w/ Setup  $100 - $200
Acoustic Bridge Replacement w/ Setup  $200 - $300
Neck Repair w/ Touch Up and Setup  $150+*
Dent, ding and scratch repair  $50+*
Electronics installation  $25 per component
Complete Rewire  $150+*
Refinishing $250+*
Custom Builds and Parts  See Customs Page

All prices for service and basic supplies. Parts and premium supplies are extra.

*Contact for estimates

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