Happy 4th of July!

A brief article today but, appropriately, an American Classic.

This is a customer guitar that came in recently. This 1978 Guild D25CH was brought in by it's original owner. While it shows some signs of it's age, this guitar has been a great workhorse for it's whole life and still serves that roll. 

While we discussed a few future projects in getting this guitar back to 100%, this project was centered specifically around the nut. Years of playing had taken it's toll on the old celluloid nut, and it had broken on the bass side. Adding to that, the owner had been playing the guitar strung left handed but the original nut was oriented 'right handed'.

For now, the plan was to make a replacement nut out of bone, which would be substantially stronger and also slotted correctly for left hand playing. Because of the tight deadline on this one, pictures are limited but here's a 'before and after' of the two nuts. The goop on the original one is gorilla glue, which the owner had used as a temporary fix when the original nut first fractured.

You'll also notice some more glue on around the bridge, also 'DIY' project by the owner when the bridge was pulled up. There are some plans to remove the bridge and glue in the future, but for now, it's working.


DSC 0147


DSC 0146




DSC 0150

DSC 0152

DSC 0153 672x1024

DSC 0149

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