Here's a case that came in that had definitely seen better days.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with mojo but this was more of a... funk. Years of gigging, having beer spilled on it (inside and out) and everything else that goes with 20+ years as a heavy duty guitar had definitely taken it's toll.

Besides the necessary clean-up, the other part of the plan was to convert this from rock-solid bass case to rock-solid keyboard case.

Onto the pics.





As illustrated, the case shows a little age on the outside but overall, it's still sturdy. The outside will get conditioned but other than that, most of the exterior will stay 'as is'. The patina on the extruded aluminum reinforcements and the corners give the case 'character'.

Here's where the 'funk' I mentioned earlier comes in...


Definitely... lived in.

Anyway, we made short work of stripping out the old foam and carpet. For the most part, the old glue was dried away, which made removal fairly easy.


Last step of cleaning out was some more scraping and scrubbing to get the more stubborn bits of glue and foam removed.

The keyboard fits pretty well as us, but the case is a little long, so we opted to add in a small separator on one end to keep the keyboard from sliding around and to give us a nice place to store cords and various accessories.



Basically, we constructed a small box out of luan and added a piece of foam on either end to soften the blow from any movement that might occur in transit.

The last real step here was adding the carpet. For that, we chose 'automotive floor interior' type carpet for it's resilience, texture and resistance to mold/mildew. Some careful trimming, 3M permanent spray adhesive and strategically placed upholstery staples and we're done.



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