Repair Articles

Repair Articles

Vintage Guild Acoustic - Nut Replacement

Happy 4th of July!

A brief article today but, appropriately, an American Classic.

This is a customer guitar that came in recently. This 1978 Guild D25CH was brought in by it's original owner. While it shows some signs of it's age, this guitar has been a great workhorse for it's whole life and still serves that roll. 

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Ibanez JS100 - Fret Level, Re-crown and Polish

Another fun project today, this one an Ibanez JS100 (Joe Satriani Signature) that's been thoroughly 'loved' over the last 10 or so years.

At the time it came in, the strings had been clipped off and it was sitting without them for an extended period of time. There's a lot of speculation that circulates around the dangers of leaving a guitar without strings on it for an extended period of time. The story that gets around basically says that the truss rod is tightened to counteract the tension of the strings as they try to 'bend' forward toward the bridge; when there's no strings upon it for an extended period of time, there's nothing there to couteract the tension of the truss rod, which is theorized to cause neck bending, fretboard loosening and all sorts of things.

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Ibanez RG7620 Setup - Fret Polish, Truss Rod and Bridge Adjustment

This guitar belongs to a well accomplished musician and longtime friend of mine.

He's a big fan of Rusty Cooley-esque hyper-shred, which is very demanding on the setup of a guitar. He had previously brought this guitar to somebody else for a setup and was really happy with the way the guitar played but, alas, it wasn't long before the guitar started experiencing some issues.

When it arrived, we did a full diagnosis and playthrough to determine what the issues were. Primarily, there was a noticeable amount of fret buzz up and down the neck (particularly the low and high frets). 

A quick look that the action was set a little 'too low' (yes, that's possible and we'll touch on it later) and the truss rod had a little too much tension in it. A couple of measurements later confirmed this.

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Calzone Case Redux - From Bass to Keyboard

Here's a case that came in that had definitely seen better days.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with mojo but this was more of a... funk. Years of gigging, having beer spilled on it (inside and out) and everything else that goes with 20+ years as a heavy duty guitar had definitely taken it's toll.

Besides the necessary clean-up, the other part of the plan was to convert this from rock-solid bass case to rock-solid keyboard case.

Onto the pics.


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